New Website!

Hi everyone, welcome to my newly-designed site! I’ve gotten into the 21st century with quick links to my Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, and the content and format of the entire site has been updated and refreshed. Many thanks to Angie Williams at Brighton Creative for redesigning the site!

I’m not the most active musician on social media, but I’ll try my very best to keep up, as well as keeping everyone posted on my website about upcoming concerts and projects.

This year, I am super excited to be collaborating with three excellent musicians on various projects: my pianist duo partner, Matthew McCright, and I will be giving a bunch of concerts showcasing the music from our debut CD, “French Connections.” (People have been asking about when my transcription of the Saint-Saens Violin Sonata No. 1 from the CD will be available. I hope to have it ready by the end of this year. All ten fingers crossed!)

I’ll also be doing some concerts in the US and in Hong Kong with my excellent harpist partner Rachel Brandwein. We are super excited to be premiering a piece that Wendy Wan-Ki Lee has written for us! And I’ve got some concerts in the US and overseas with guitarist Maja Radovanlija. Maja and I were first introduced when we played some of the Astor Piazzolla Histoire du Tango (this piece is one of the “Top Ten” in the flute and guitar duo’s repertoire – we all play it at some point, and with good reason, as it is an awesome piece!) for a 20th anniversary concert of the John D. Chatterton Scholarship at the University of Minnesota. This scholarship has assisted many fine classical guitar students (some of whom come from overseas, and who would certainly not be able to afford tuition otherwise) at the U, and so it was especially meaningful for me to be able to collaborate with Maja, who is the guitar instructor there. So, lots of great concerts in the works!